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Go Your Own Way

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Lindsey Buckingham wrote that you can "Go Your Own Way”, unless of course going your own way is at odds with traffic (no reference to the band). But I quote this for a reason, which is not something you would expect if you were at all familiar with my penchant for blurting out completely random incongruent thoughts. The song talks about the interplay of individual expectations in a relationship. For anyone that has been in a relationship, interplay is in contrast to the more enjoyable foreplay, which tends to bring individual expectations together, if only for the moment. But while I certainly advocate in support of foreplay, it is not a cure for a relationship that is rocked by individuals who do not see eye-to-eye, on or off stage.

I raise this point about expectations of individuals in a relationship to highlight the inherent dichotomy. Expectations are formed by individual experiences, individual stature, individual accomplishment, individual failures, individual character, as much as by the individuals exposure to environment, cultural, religious, and familial expectations. Basically, if you are looking to find someone with the same expectations as you on every front, unless you live in a region where marrying your identical twin is legal, you are screwed. But are the prospects of building a lasting relationship doomed because individual expectations are at odds with one another? Yes! Maybe? Heck,  don't really know. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks never did survive together very long. seemed the only time they were able to bring their expectations together in alignment was when they were writing songs as Fleetwood Mac. And the songs they wrote, well they were just magical.

There is a valuable lesson in there, the real answer as to how to bring two distinct individuals together to create a harmonious lasting relationship. Maybe it is obvious to you, maybe not. But you need to find it for yourself, “open up, everything’s waiting for you”. And if nothing else, at least you may be turned on to some amazing music along the way.

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