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It is to challenge ourselves with the impossible, to expect the unexpected, to unleash our inner spirit, to allow the child in us to play, to seek out new adventures, to welcome strangers deep into our hearts, to linger a bit longer in the arms of a loved one, to find beauty abounds, to connect to a higher purpose, to seek greatness while remaining humble, to accept failure as an opportunity for growth, to give ourselves permission to be disappointed, to be hurt, to be scared, to be vulnerable, but remain courageous knowing that not everyone and not everything is relevant to us at this very moment of our lives. It is knowing, that life's most magical moments are almost always made by chance.


"Make that which you would wish for, the unintended consequence of the life you lead."

Our lives are a tapestry of interwoven experiences that continue to shape who we are, how we see ourselves, and how we embrace the world around us.


When we started this journey we were naive to live our lives as if each day was a new adventure. Today we are wise enough to continue doing the same.


Separated by thousands of kilometers, we never anticipated all the twists and turns our lives would take, together and apart. But ten years later, a decade of sorrow and joy, challenge and triumph, loss and gain, we remain best friends - two independent souls bound by the deepest love, respect and appreciation.


That connection, that endurance, speaks more to knowing that what we experience together is far more purposeful, far more memorable, far more fulfilling than what we do apart. Sharing our photography, writing, and creative design is our greatest joy. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Karolina and David
Jerusalem, Israel
Our Story
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